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9 Best Digital Resources for a Busy Real Estate Investor  

Real estate investing isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, it requires a significant amount of experience and expertise to make valuable profits and receive ROIs. Fortunately, the availability of a wide range of digital resources has made this task significantly easier. Read on to learn about some of the best digital resources that’ll save your time and money as a real estate investor.


If there’s one thing real estate investors are highly interested in, it’s to know whether they’re looking at a good deal or not. According to real estate terminology, a good deal is one where investors find an opportunity to buy a property at a good price without any significant loss. Furthermore, it should offer them the possibility to make a lot more money than they’re investing.

In fact, one of the biggest concerns among real estate investors is that they might lose money on renovation and fixing, and flipping properties if they fail to choose the right property to invest in. The ultimate solution to this issue is for investors and real estate experts to connect and collaborate with reliable contractors. These contractors are highly experienced individuals who specialize in calculating repair costs and other expenses likely to result from a construction project.

Furthermore, they’re better able to assist investors in understanding how they might lose a specific amount of profits despite choosing a good property. Fortunately, an excellent way to meet all these goals without the need to connect with an actual contractor is by using DealCheck.

DealCheck is an excellent digital resource for real estate investors with no time to find the right contractors. They can use it to estimate repair costs and other property-related expenses. The best part about this tool is that it allows you to see the forecasted profits on every deal you make. So whether you need an in-depth analysis of a residential or commercial property or a forecast on a rental you might be interested in, all you need is to use DealCheck to get access to all the information within a minute.

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House Canary

Investing in good properties at the best possible prices is challenging, especially if you’re a beginner at real estate investments. Choosing the wrong location, property, and loan type for your next real estate investment can significantly cost you and challenge your credibility as an investor. The first step to prevent this risk is by having sufficient knowledge about the best properties you should be interested in. This requires you to have access to all the properties available for an investor. The process is almost the same as house-hunting for any homeowner.

Fortunately, investors no longer have to drive around hundreds of freeways and neighborhoods to determine the best investments for them. They can now use HouseCanary to meet this goal. HouseCanary is a website as well as a mobile application that allows investors to see all the properties available in the real estate market.

Apart from showing invest-worthy houses, all the properties HouseCanary shows come with valuable data and information useful for buying a property as a crucial investment. This feature truly sets this tool apart from any other digital resource available for busy real estate investors today.

Real estate investors can now find everything they need right at their fingertips through HouseCanary before making a purchase decision. As a result, they no longer have to spend an endless amount of time hunting for properties. They can simply log into the website and filter the available properties according to their investment goals and affordability. The site will instantly show them the most profitable deal, allowing them to close deals before anyone else.

This site also has an off-market feature that real estate investors can use to get access to some of the most profitable rentals and properties within and outside their cities.

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Investing in rental properties is an excellent idea, especially if you’re a real estate investor who’s all about making instant profits and generating a stable monthly income from your rental properties; rather than spending long periods flipping them and finding buyers, you should undoubtedly check out Roofstock.

If you’re wondering what Roofstock is, it’s the ultimate platform to help you throughout the process of investing in a rental property. It doesn’t only assist you in finding the right and most profitable rental property to invest in but also guides you throughout the process of finding new tenants who are reliable and trustworthy.

Roofstock serves as an outstanding online marketplace where investors can choose to invest in a wide range of cash-flowing rental and non-rental properties. The best part about using Roofstock is that investors don’t necessarily have to worry about finding new tenants for pre-rented properties they choose to invest in. As a result, tenant occupancy in those properties remains undisrupted at all times.

It’s safe to say that Roofstock is an incredible digital tool for investors who are looking for better opportunities to invest out of their cities or states but are struggling to do so due to their inability to manage those properties efficiently.

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App Folio

Being a real estate investor isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, it’s a lot more challenging than most people perceive it to be, especially when you’re a beginner in investing. Real estate investments require patience, focus, and the ability to manage tasks efficiently. If you’re new to this industry, some tasks you’ll be signing up for include property management, financial management, property analysis, managing other career responsibilities, property marketing, engaging in tenant communication, leasing properties, accounting, and so much more.

It’s safe to say that being a real estate investor doesn’t just require you to invest your money but also makes it compulsory to take out hours of your time to achieve your investment goals. Fortunately, we’re currently living in a digital era with endless possibilities. Therefore, you can now tackle all the tasks related to being a real estate investor within minutes and even seconds using AppFolio.

AppFolio is a smartphone application created to assist full-service property managers and real estate investors in managing all essential tasks proactively. The app is infused with an AI tool known as Dynasty. It automates a wide range of tasks for investors, including tenant follow-ups, financial analysis generation, renewals, and so much more without requiring you to spend time going over redundant paperwork.

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6.5 million homes were sold and subjected to profitable investments in 2020, and the number continues to rise every year. It’s because investing in real estate properties is one of the safest choices for investors. It offers a higher potential for profits and significant returns on investments. However, it’s crucial to properly understand the property market to specialize in real estate investments.

Investors continue to look for ways to find the best property listings across the country to make their investment decisions. However, it can be challenging to know about every listing simultaneously. Fortunately, the National Association of Realtors has significantly simplified this process through its official website. is a website for when advanced realtors want to learn about every listing in the United States. The site gets listing data and information from its MLS databases. As a result, it contains millions of properties for sale. As a result, real estate investors can rely on one website to get access to everything they need to begin their investments.

Apart from showing every property listing in the market, the website also serves as an excellent source of knowledge for investors. They can now visit this website to find news and insights in the global real estate industry that’ll help them determine the best time to make critical investments.

You can also rely on this site to find property estimates and a wide range of rental properties, especially if you’re looking to rent out your residential or commercial property.

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Real estate is an incredibly vast industry. It doesn’t only involve the buying and selling of properties. Many experienced real estate investors often find themselves interested in participating in property auctions such as short sales and more. This is an increasingly popular trend for luxury properties and commercial real estate in urban regions.

Therefore, real estate investors continue to look for opportunities where they can get their hands on the best properties to rent or fix and flip through REOs, short sales, and foreclosures. If you’re looking for a digital tool that’ll notify you about such auctions, you must keep in mind.

As the name suggests, it’s the ultimate site where you’ll find an aggregate of properties being sold by auction within and beyond your area. It contains detailed data and valuable information about all the properties on sale through auctions. Real estate investors are mostly interested in knowing and staying updated about opening bids, auction types, and the selling status of a property, and is one place where they can find it all.

In fact, it’s an excellent place to find online auctions, making it significantly easier to start bidding right there. Beginners can use this platform to learn all about how bidding and property auctions work through all the guides available on the site. Some other features include an advanced search and an interactive calendar highlighting all the live auctions happening around people and future auction dates.

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Commercial real estate is a lot different and chaotic than investing in residential properties, increasing the need for investors to have access to digital tools that exclusively provide access to commercial property listings.

LoopNet is an excellent tool to meet this goal, especially if you want to leverage digital tools to find in-depth information about commercial properties on the market. This site comes with an advanced search option where investors can find comprehensive property records in any area of interest within minutes.

The site and software also consist of a special feature to help investors and property managers search properties and compare their sales with others. You can learn a lot more here, including everything you need to know about property owners, tenants, taxes, and more.

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Apart from looking for properties to purchase, real estate investors continue to look for reliable platforms to list the properties they already own and want to sell. One of the most popular places for such investors is Zillow. It’s a service, allowing investors to list their properties, including condos, apartments, and other residential spaces.

It’s safe to say that Zillow is the go-to platform for most house-hunters and sellers. In fact, listing your property on Zillow significantly increases your chances of efficiently reaching a higher number of potential renters.

The site offers comprehensive reports of renters’ information and application data to help investors make wise decisions. These reports include potential tenants’ credit scores, housing histories, employment status, and more. The site also plays a crucial role in helping investors close deals by undergoing prerequisites like inspections.

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If you’re a newbie real estate investor, you might find it challenging to stand out among other competitors in the real estate industry. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to learn from resources such as FlipNerd to understand how these processes work.

FlipNerd is a one-stop solution to finding training courses and how-to guides related to investing in real estate properties. Most industry experts publish their blogs and guides on these platforms. New investors who get the FlipNerd membership can learn via interview shows, articles, coaching sessions, and a lot more.

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