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New Construction Loans

Need help starting a property development project in the US? Don’t let conventional bank loan delays hinder your progress. The first thing you must do is acquire adequate finances to ensure your project isn’t halted because of inadequate financing. But applying for conventional bank loans and waiting an eternity for loan approvals isn’t a viable option.

Explore Insula Capital Group’s new construction hard money loans, designed to expedite your venture. With our new home construction loans, you can secure the funds you need without the lengthy approval process associated with traditional lenders. Our hard money construction loans offer a reliable and efficient way to ensure your project proceeds without financial setbacks.

Learn more about our tailored financing options for new construction and get started on your property development journey with confidence!

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Different Types Of Construction Projects

Before opting for construction financing, you must understand the types of construction projects you might be working on. As a property constructor, you’re likely to encounter two main types of construction projects, including residential and commercial.

Residential projects are most likely to be small-scale, with a limited budget and timeline. Residential construction includes new construction, remodeling, and repairs. Most residential construction is usually completed by licensed contractors who can handle the work efficiently and quickly.

Commercial projects require a different set of skills from those needed for residential projects. These projects are typically large-scale and complex. It may take months to complete all the components, and these projects often require extensive finances because of their magnitude.

Whether you want to hire contractors for your residential project or purchase expensive construction materials for your residential project, Insula Capital Group can provide the new construction loans you require.

What Is Hard Money New Construction Financing?

Hard money new construction financing is a form of private financing that allows owners of new or remodeled homes to finance their construction through a private lender. Hard money lending is different from regular loans; you can use them to finance a new home or commercial building construction.

Individuals prefer hard money construction loans instead of traditional bank loans because of favorable lending terms. As a reputable hard money lender, the team at Insula Capital Group can lend money by using your existing properties as collateral.

Why Should You Acquire Hard Money New Construction Loans?

The primary advantage of hard money loans is that they can be used in areas where conventional lending methods aren’t available. Hard money lenders can get involved in any stage of your property’s construction cycle, like pre-development, design, construction, and post-construction.

It’s no secret that hard money for new construction financing is a powerful tool for enhancing your construction project. It can help you finance a new building, expansion, or any other type of project that requires financing. Hard money lenders also offer refinance loans to investors who want to quickly finance their projects.

As a trustworthy hard money lender in the US, we’re often willing to accept less-than-ideal collateral, and we can provide construction loans at lower interest rates than other lenders.
If you’re thinking about getting a hard money construction loan from our team, you must understand that the most crucial advantage of hard money lending is the ability to access funds quickly without waiting for approval from a bank or other financial institution.

Understanding The Hard Money Construction Lending Process

When acquiring a hard money construction loan, you must understand how the process works. Firstly, you’ll have to complete the full application on our online platform and once your application is complete, our team will review your application and decide whether we want to provide loan approval. If you get loan approval, you’ll sign a contract with us and agree on how much money we’ll lend against your property for your construction project. 

Why Choose Insula Capital Group?

At Insula Capital Group, we understand how crucial it is to have access to all of the financing tools available when building your dream home or commercial space. We don’t just want our clients to be able to get the financing they need; we want them to be able to do it quickly. And that’s why we offer hard money construction loans in the US because we know how much financing matters to you!

Real estate investors, property developers, and builders can look at a plot of land and visualize the building that deserves to be there. Insula Capital Group is here to make that visualization come to life with our new hard money construction loans. We offer an excellent source of capital at competitive rates to help experienced investors reach their financial goals even if they don’t have a massive portfolio of completed projects to back them up.

Our short-term hard money construction loan program is for the investor because it only requires you to have a maximum of three successful ground-up projects to qualify. When planning for a new construction project, you need to know that you’ve got all the resources you need to make it a success. Our experienced team can provide the expertise and guidance you need to ensure your project is financed properly. We’ll ensure all your paperwork is ready on time so you can focus on getting started on your project.

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Find Out How We Can Help!

Starting a new construction project? Let Insula Capital Group provide the funding. We’re a leading new construction loan provider that offers loans for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the US. We provide financing for new construction and renovation projects. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable loan officers can help you secure a loan.

We take pride in the fact that we have helped countless homeowners throughout the US secure their dream construction loans. Our goal is to ensure that every client gets top-of-the-line construction loan deals, and we work efficiently to help you achieve your financial requirements.

When you select us for new construction loans, you won’t have to handle a long list of loan requirements. We provide loan approvals with minimal paperwork and our seamless approvals can ensure our clients don’t face any hassle when acquiring the cash for their projects. Our underwriting team and loan officers are always ready to guide you about your hard money loans.

We’ve been a part of the US real estate lending industry for over thirty years and our extensive experience helps us draft customized new construction loan deals. Apart from new construction loans, we also offer fix & flip financing, residential rental loans, and multi-family mixed-use property loans. With our wide range of financing options, you can get adequate financing and invest in the US real estate market easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team for more details about our new construction loans in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can finance residential or commercial projects using our hard money new construction loans.

 No, there aren’t any junk fees or pre-payment penalties with our new construction loans.

Yes, you’ll need to complete three projects before applying for our construction loans.

You can use our online full application form to start your loan application process.