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Can You Start Flipping Homes with No Money?

Flipping houses is a lucrative aspect of real estate investing. Investors can turn a failing property into one that gives high ROI in a matter of weeks and months. What flipping houses does need is rehab costs and patience to make it the best it can be. But how do you flip a house if you don’t have funds or can’t get a fix-and-flip loan from the bank?

Here are some ways you can start flipping houses with no money.

Private Financing

Can you imagine getting loans in a matter of days instead of months and without jumping through endless hoops? You can’t with banks, but it’s possible with private lenders! They give quick loan approvals, making this financing option a real estate investor favorite.

Investors can secure funding in little time and not let the potential gold mine slip from their fingers. The interest rate is a bit higher than traditional loans, but the quick implementation and the speed with which investors can make an offer makes the interest rate worth it.

Hard Money Lenders

Hard money loans are another popular financing option for real estate investors. Hard money lenders offer short-term, asset-based loans. Your credit history, successes and failures with house flipping, and your income aren’t their concern. The loans are based on the property an investor will purchase.

Traditional loans let you borrow a limited amount, but with hard money lenders, the loan is based on the after-repair value of the property you’re flipping. With this, investors can borrow more against a house their flipping than they will get with conventional loans.

Partnering with House Flipping Investors

If you’re a beginner and don’t understand how to get fix-and-flip money lending but still want to enter this business, partnering with house flipping investors might be the right fit.

Private and hard money lending are both great options, but another way to not spend any money from your pocket is partnerships. The partners will fund the deal, provided you bring some value to the table as well.



Wholesaling can make investors a lot of time in a short time when done right. In this method, investors find properties that are for sale, get them under a contract, and then assign those contracts to new buyers.

Wholesalers will take a percentage for every sale, and without purchasing the property, they can raise their finances. The finances then can be invested in flipping houses. But for this to succeed, investors have to be active in the real estate market so they can find lucrative deals.

Lease the Property

You can also find a property to lease or the option to buy. Investors will buy the property after leasing it for a while. The price is set when the contract is initially signed, but the rent can credit the final cost. Investors will have to negotiate repairs when wanting to flip the property at the time of contract signing.

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