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Everything You Need to Know About Buy-and-Hold Properties

With a spectrum of possibilities, real estate investments can be confusing for most new investors. Despite all the various investments options available, there’s one every one-time investor can’t have enough of – rental properties.

This term is often known as “buy and hold properties.” Although investors have been intimidated by real estate, buy-and-hold properties have become one of the best investments in the industry.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term buy-and-hold properties, we’ve got your backs.

Let’s dive deeper into what buy-and-hold properties are and why they’re a great investment.

What Are Buy-And-Hold Properties?

Buy and hold property is an investment in which investors can purchase a property and hold it for a certain period; a buy and hold property is usually suitable for the long run. Moreover, the owner can rent the property out until they plan to sell it.

Furthermore, the buy-and-hold property is a preferred and frequent investment option due to the long-term profit and short-term cash flow it offers.  The rented property generates short-term income that can be valuable for savings and mortgage pay-offs.

Moreover, real estate properties increase in value over time and eventually allow investors to profit when they sell those properties.

Benefits of Buy-And-Hold Properties

Now that you’re familiar with a Buy and hold property, here’s why it’s a good investment.

Rental Income and Financing

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Real estate investors can rent out these properties, bringing in a reliable monthly cash flow. Moreover, they don’t have to depend on selling off the property to generate revenue. According to studies, numerous buy and hold properties generate 4% to 10% return on investment (ROI) only on rental income.

Moreover, owning a property is quite beneficial for the funding of other investments. Most investors leverage the equity to finance other real estate investments.

Increased Revenue

With time, properties appreciate and tend to get a higher property value. Property owners can seize this opportunity to sell their properties for increased revenues. Moreover, as the property appreciates, the inflation goes up, which can be a valuable tactic to protect the investment portfolio.

Tax Benefits

Buy and hold properties can have numerous benefits. However, amongst these benefits, one seals the deal – tax benefits. Buy-and-hold properties allow you to benefit from the following tax deductions:

  • Property taxes
  • Property depreciation
  • Mortgage interest
  • Mortgage insurance premium
  • Repair and maintenance costs

No Restrictions

What makes buy and hold properties stand out is there are no restrictions. Yes, investors use it as a strategy for long-term investment, but they can sell it whenever they want. Moreover, no agreements or contracts are imposed on purchasing or selling a property at a specific period.

However, if you’ve acquired a loan, you’re obligated to pay off the mortgage within the specified time.

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