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Key Steps to Managing Your Rental Property

According to Statista, the revenue of the real estate and rental and leasing industry in the US is projected to amount to $786.4 billion by 2024.

Effectively managing a rental property is easier said than done. Finding a reliable tenant, signing a lease, and allowing someone to move into your residential property, may seem simple. However, you need to be really careful in managing your property. Essentially, there are two important aspects of managing a rental property.

  1. Develop a professional and win-win relationshipwith your tenant.
  2. Ensure the upkeep of the property during the lease.

1. Develop a professional and win-win relationship with your tenant

To develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect with your tenant, you need to be careful about a few important things.

a. Review the Contract with Your Tenant

Today, you can accept the terms and conditions of any plan, in a matter of seconds. Many people tend to click acceptance without even reading the guidelines thoroughly. Try to review the lease together with your tenant, so you both can discuss your concerns and move forward.

b. Set Clear Expectations, Rules, and Guidelines

Having a consistent communication plan is very important to manage a property. Try to evaluate a proper strategy on how your tenant can contact you when a maintenance issue takes place. Figure out how and when you’ll conduct scheduled inspections and inform your clients about your expectations. Make sure that you stick to your promise and don’t show leniency to the tenant if they show negligence towards the specified guidelines.

2. Ensuring the Upkeep of the Property During the Lease

a. Regularly Visit Your Rental Property

The biggest mistake you can make in your property management is not making regular checks on your rentals. Successful real estate investors conduct quarterly checks on their residential properties.

During these checks, try to fix small plumbing issues and check alarms, smoke detectors, and other appliances and make sure everything is working properly.

b. Preventive Maintenance

Often, small repair problems turn into big ones and then you end up losing more money than you would if you had paid attention to these details earlier.

The longer you delay addressing basic property issues, the higher they’ll cost you in the longer run. Don’t even neglect cosmetic items and property aesthetics. Besides, keep a record of all your investments in property management and maintain your tenant profile.

Keeping track of expenses and revenue will also help you streamline your operational performance and make important decisions regarding the property.

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