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Fix And Flip A Property in Chandler, AZ!

Chandler is one of the best places to fix and flip a property. With a high employment rate and a strong economy, the city’s inhabitants have the purchasing power that’s required for a well-renovated and high-priced property. This essentially means that there’s great profit potential.

Moreover, you’ll find plenty of rundown properties in Chandler’s diverse neighborhoods at very low prices that you can fix and flip for a high ROI! And did we mention the low property tax rates in Chandler (in the entire Maricopa County, actually)? These low taxes mean the cost of your project will be lower overall, and therefore your profit margin will be much greater!

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Choose The Best Fix and Flip Loans in Chandler, AZ!

Of course, fix and flip projects require significant amounts of funds. While you may not need as many funds as needed for new construction, you still need enough to purchase the property and get the repairs started.

Luckily, we’re here to help you in Chandler with our excellent fix and flip loan program. It’s the best way to fast-track your project for maximum success. Our loans involve easy applications, quick inspections, and a lightning-fast but efficient closing process.

Every fix and flip loan that we offer is custom designed to fit a project’s unique needs. We obtain approvals within 24 hours and get you the funds in a few weeks or less!

With 12-month initial terms, 85% loan to purchase value, a $50,000 minimum loan amount, and no prepayment penalties, our fix and flip loans are incomparable! 

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Why Bring Insula Capital Group on Board

At Insula Capital Group, we aim to make loans and borrowing easier for our clients. Our fix and flip loan applications are quick and easy, with flexible loan terms and competitive rates. This means you get the funds you need as soon as possible to purchase the property you’ve set your eyes on!

We also have an incredibly experienced team of experts that have an immense amount of knowledge about real estate in Chandler, as well as about borrowing in general.

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