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Obtain Necessary Funds by Getting a New Construction Loan in Cambridge, MA

New construction loans are short-term financing solutions for real estate developers and investors. They are a good funding source because they offer flexible disbursement and repayment terms to borrowers. As a borrower, you can choose to withdraw a portion of the funds in sync with your construction project phases. Many investors prefer this because it avoids the hassle of juggling a lump sum payment all at once.

Applying for and securing a new construction loan ahead of time can be the key to successfully completing your construction project. It’s also important to get a loan from a reliable private money lender like Insula Capital Group.

Get Trustworthy Financing Services from Insula Capital Group

Insula Capital Group prides itself on its 30+ years of reliable service throughout the US. Our team consists of compassionate and skilled loan officers who tailor their services to each client’s unique needs. We even offer other loan programs like fix & flip financing and multifamily construction loans. You can gauge the quality of our services by going through our just-funded projects.

Learn more about our new construction loans in Cambridge, MA with the following FAQs.

Just Funded Projects

We are a leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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Fix & Flip Financing

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Residential Rental Program (Buy & Hold)

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A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can get a new construction loan first and use the funds to purchase land afterward.

Our new construction loans carry a 12-month term. So, your construction project should be finished within that time frame. You can discuss potential date extensions with your loan officer during the initial interview.  

Our new construction loans cover up to 70% of the after-completed value.

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If you are ready to get funded, start by filling out our online application forms! Our underwriters are capable of approving your loan application in less than a day and funding it within a week. You can also directly contact us to get further information before scheduling an interview.