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The Grand Rapids real estate market has always been a hub for investors thanks to the stable prices and high demand for housing and commercial property. In recent years, the city has seen significant growth and development, leading to an unprecedented rise in property prices.

Needless to say, the Grand Rapids real estate market is a seller’s market through and through. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect place for a new construction, Grand Rapids is the perfect choice. The city’s median house value is higher than the national average, which ensures great ROIs on all your property investments.

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Learn About New Construction Loans You Can Choose From

It’s important to understand that Grand Rapid’s desirability as a seller’s market is no secret; therefore, competition is fierce. This means you need to construct a house that stands out. Of course, impressive constructions require impressive funds, and we’re here to help you with those!

At Insula Capital Group, we offer new construction loans for clients in Grand Rapids, MI. Our loans are short-term and have flexible terms, which means they’re perfect for those with very little experience in the real estate or construction industries.

With us on board, you can rest assured that all your financing needs will be met so that your construction process can be completed quickly and efficiently.

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A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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Why Bring Insula Capital Group on Board?

Insula Capital Group is the first choice for many constructors in Grand Rapids, MI, and surrounding areas. We have a team of trustworthy financial experts who can guide you toward the best options for your project.

We also offer a wide range of other loan programs, including fix and flip financing, residential rental programs, and multifamily mixed-use properties. In short, we’re the one-stop service for all your real estate funding needs.

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