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Complete Your Building Project without Hassle by Getting a New Construction Loan in Florida

Private money lenders understand the struggle of self-financing a comprehensive construction project. It’s a task that is nearly impossible for anyone who does not have sufficient funds set aside for the project. In such cases, new construction loans can be your saving grace.

Construction loans are short-term programs that most often have one-year terms. The great thing about these loans is their payment terms. You don’t have to juggle a lump sum loan amount only given to you once when getting a construction loan. Instead, you can draw funds for each phase of your project individually. You can connect with us for more details about our new construction loans.

Here are some FAQs to help you understand the terms of our new construction loans in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our new construction loans are only for 1-4 properties. If you’re building a bigger property, you can check out our multifamily & mixed-use loans instead.

We consider factors like your credit score, credit history, payment history, and overall economic conditions when deciding interest rates.

We require minimal documentation from you. You can go through our online application forms to get a better idea.

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A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Insula Capital Group Can Help You Secure Financing Quickly

At Insula Capital Group, our main priority is efficiently curating specialized financing solutions for real estate investors and developers. We enlist the help of our highly experienced and skilled underwriters to assist innovative investors like you.

As a private money lending company, we don’t just offer new construction loans in Jacksonville, FL. We also offer fix & flip financing, residential rental loan programs, and multifamily property loans. Feel free to go through our just-funded projects to see how we curate financing options for clients across America. You can even use our fix & flip calculator to see how profitable your next flipping project could be!

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Contact Your Trusted Private Money Lenders

You can discuss the unique requirements of your construction project with us during an initial consultation. We will then use this information to make an ideal contract for you. Contact us to schedule a meeting right away!