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Residential Rental Program

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Residential Rental Program

The word on the street about hard money rental loans is far from good. As private residential mortgage lenders, we have it on good authority that most of our industry colleagues charge a higher interest rate and demand impossibly high credit scores and down payments to downsize the risks. If only a privatemoney lender worked for mutual benefits rather than their own.

Now there is!

We dropped a game changer on the rental financing market by offering investors the opportunity to obtain no-income, no-asset check hard money loans on rental properties. Our Residential Rental Program is the perfect way to obtain residual income for the long run with privatemoney rental loans.

Connect with hard money lenders for rental properties and private residential mortgage lenders to get the financing you need.


5,7,10/Yr. ARMS or 30 year Fixed


1-4 Family, Condo,
Townhouse, Planned
Unit Development.

Interest Rate

Starting at 6.99% (30 Year Fixed)


Up to 80%


Rate & term up to 75%
Cash out max 70%

Experience Required


Open to Foreign Nationals!

Just Funded Projects

We are a leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Residential Rental Program

The Residential Rental Program has two tracks: