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Top 3 Multifamily Mixed Use Property Pitfalls You Must Avoid

Now’s probably the best time to invest in a multifamily, mixed-use real estate property in the US. While you may be able to find dozens of potential deals, rushing into one can be quite dangerous.

Multifamily investments are a bit more complicated than residential investments. Since multifamily buildings are shared among several residents, investors must dig deeper.

Many investors either make decisions too quickly or do not perform adequate due diligence. Buying a multifamily property surely provides high ROIs, but not if you don’t avoid associated pitfalls.

Let’s take a look at the five most common multifamily investment mistakes investors should steer clear of.

1. No Liquidity

Investing in a multifamily property without sufficient liquidity is a real estate blunder. There’s a lot more to multifamily investments than just leasing and buying out.

Investing in a real estate property, especially when it’s a sellers’ market, can be a tough task. However, by maintaining adequate cash flow reserves, you can find the ideal investment.

Multifamily investments also encompass repair expenses, upkeep fixed maintenance charges, and vacant units’ maintenance. Investors need to be sure that they have enough money to face unexpected market declines and emergencies.

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2. Overestimating Tax Deductions and Credits

Investing in multifamily mixed-used properties also involves several tax implications. Wrong tax estimations can be problematic for investors and can also cause unnecessary payment delays.

However, often, investors tend to overestimate taxes and credits. This soars up their expense list and financial burden. It’s important to be realistic and pragmatic when calculating tax burdens so that you don’t end up paying more than required.

3. Choosing a Problematic Location

Never invest in a multifamily property situated in a shady location. Since several families are living inside a multifamily building, critically vetting the property is essential. An unsafe location increases the risk of preexisting criminal and infrastructural claims on building management and occupants.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a safe location with lucrative marketability qualities and optimal rental options.

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