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Types of Home Renovation: Which Ones Boost Value?

There’s a saying that “A house is a long-term investment.” This holds true in most cases as the value of the houses is increasing with each passing day, and with the real estate business booming in recent times, it is most certainly true if you see the financial aspect of it. But do you think people will pay a lot of money for it if it has dull paint, little or no appeal? Home renovation is one of the most critical factors when increasing a property’s value.

Home renovations aren’t only an excellent addition to your lovely home; they also increase the home’s value when it goes up for sale. When someone sells a house that has been renovated and is free of scratch marks on the walls, damaged roof, and mold, they will get a better price. But how much of a price rise it’ll get depends on the type of renovation the homeowner chooses. Different types of renovations have different effects on the value of a property. Home renovation is also an exciting choice for people looking to fix and flip their property after renovation for easy profits.

Following are some types of renovations that can boost the value of your house.


When potential buyers come, elements that boost curb appeal can aid in the house seeming more attractive. Since these renovations may not contribute a lot of money to the worth of the property, they will assist in selling the property quickly. A well-kept grass, low-cost landscape, fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside on walls and doors, cleaned flooring, and new fittings are all examples of curb appeal. You may save cash and effort by doing these chores yourself.

Many investors take help from the private mortgage lenders to help finance the renovation to make it available for selling quickly.


Value-added renovation is one of the most widely used renovations preferred by fix and flip real estate investors. It is primarily based on adding more value to the house. This type of renovation includes upgrading different parts of the house that will help to increase the property’s value. It includes upgrading the kitchen, using new windows and doors to make the house look fresh. Different changes and modifications are made according to the home’s condition and investigating how to upgrade its value.


Buyers anticipate certain amenities when buying property, and these are the essentials. This involves a leak-free roof, working gutters, a dry foundation, a dependable furnace, solid flooring, and well-maintained walls. Most potential purchasers also want the home’s plumbing systems to work correctly.

This does not imply that you must upgrade everything. You may concentrate on routine maintenance and minor, less expensive changes to keep things running well. Installing these features to a house that doesn’t have them doesn’t increase its worth; it simply puts it up to pace with most of the town’s homes, allowing investors to ask an equivalent price.

Kitchen renovation


Fix and flip loans are of great help when investors look to renovate houses before selling them. They can help to boost the value of a house. Many private investment companies are offering hard money loans to investors. Insula Capital Group is a leading private investment company based in New York,offering quick real estate loans. Our services include fix and flip hard money lenders, hard money construction loans, private financing, etc.

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