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Discover a New World of Real Estate Opportunities in Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome to Ann Arbor, Michigan—a city where real estate investment opportunities abound. Insula Capital Group invites you to seize these opportunities with our bespoke fix & flip loans designed to catapult your investment dreams into reality. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or embarking on your first real estate venture, we’re here to fuel your ambitions with our flexible financing solutions.

Reap the Rewards of Our Fix & Flip Loans in Ann Arbor

Insula Capital Group’s fix & flip loans are more than just a financial tool; they are a gateway to success in the vibrant real estate market of Ann Arbor. Here’s how we turbocharge your real estate endeavors:

  1. Maximum Financing: Embark on your investment journey with financing of up to 85% of the property purchase price. This means you get more financial muscle to acquire the right property and generate profit.
  2. Complete Renovation Coverage: With 100% coverage of renovation costs, we ensure you can effectively transform your property, enhance its value, and attract the best deals in the market.
  3. Flexible Terms: Tailored to meet your unique needs, our fix & flip loans come with adjustable 12-month terms. We understand the dynamics of real estate investment and provide the flexibility you need to thrive.
  4. Fast Fund Accessibility: Timing is critical in real estate. With our commitment to rapid fund accessibility, typically within five business days, you can act quickly on promising opportunities.

By partnering with us, you’re not just gaining a lender; you’re joining a community committed to your success. So why wait? Apply now for your fix & flip loan and propel your real estate venture forward.

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Bridge the Gap Between Your Real Estate Dreams and Reality

Keen to venture beyond fix & flip projects? Explore our New Construction Loans and diversify your investment portfolio. We provide the financial backing you need to undertake ambitious construction projects in Ann Arbor. Together, we can redefine the city’s real estate landscape.

Check out our Just-Funded Projects to see how other investors are making waves in the real estate market with our support. These success stories can serve as your inspiration and roadmap to achieve your own investment goals.

Just Funded Projects

We are a leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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Fix & Flip Financing

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New Construction

Hard Money Loan

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Residential Rental Program (Buy & Hold)

Private Lending Done Right.

A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our fix & flip loans are suitable for investors of all levels. We provide the resources and guidance necessary to help you successfully navigate your first investment project.

Our support goes beyond financing. We’re here to provide expert advice, valuable insights, and prompt responses throughout your fix & flip project. We strive to make your investment journey seamless and rewarding.

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Embark on Your Successful Real Estate Journey in Ann Arbor with Insula Capital Group

At Insula Capital Group, we’re committed to transforming your real estate aspirations into profitable ventures. From the moment you fill out our prequalification form to the completion of your successful project, we’re with you every step of the way. Ready to script your unique success story in Ann Arbor’s real estate market? Schedule a consultation with our team of experts today, and let’s lay the foundation for your real estate legacy together.