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Fix & Flip Properties in Bellevue, NE, with Ease!

Due to real estate market saturation in Bellevue, buying and renovating properties can cost you a fortune. The competitive sellers’ market has posed challenges for even seasoned investors. Fix and flip loan is the best solution to fund your fix & flip project in Bellevue, NE.

Fix and flip financing funds projects by bridging financial gaps from purchase to liquidation. These short-term loans help you purchase a property at a lower price, renovate it and liquidate it at a higher value. You can procure required materials, hire contractors and take care of other aspects of property flipping projects with fix & flip loans.

Insula Capital Group Enabling Flipping Investors in Bellevue, NE

Insula Capital Group is a team of private money lenders helping investors and developers in the property flipping process. Our loan officers can customize the program based on your project requirements. We have also curated residential rental loans, new construction loans, and multi-family & mixed-use loans for our clients in Bellevue.

Our Just Funded Projects show how we have helped many clients in the past. Read the FAQs below for further information.

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Just Funded Projects

We are a leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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Multifamily/Mixed Use

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Fix & Flip Calculator

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Fix & Flip Financing

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New Construction

Hard Money Loan

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Residential Rental Program (Buy & Hold)

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A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our online property flipping calculator to determine the value of your property after flipping and renovation.

Our minimum loan amount for fix & flip financing is $50,000, whereas the maximum limit varies from project to project. We consider various factors such as the borrower’s experience, after-repair value, and purchase price.

We approve loans within 24 hours so you can kickstart your flipping project.

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Prequalify for Fix & Flip Loan in Bellevue, NE

If you’re ready to fund your fix & flip project, prequalify now. In case you have further queries relating to eligibility criteria, loan amount, and interest rates, get in touch with us now.