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Quick Fix & Flip Hard Money Loans in Elizabeth, NJ

Do you have your eyes on fixer-upper properties on sale in Elizabeth but don’t have sufficient funds to finance the project? Fix & flip loans are the right option for you. Unlike long-term mortgage loans, fix & flip financing is short-term based, so you won’t have to continue repaying the loan for a long period of time.

Fix & Flip loans are specifically intended for fixer-upper properties that can be renovated and sold at a profit. If you’re into the fix and flip property market and want to grow your portfolio, check out our fix & flip loans to fund your projects.

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Purchase and Resell Fixer Upper Properties in Elizabeth, NJ

Insula Capital Group has over 30 years of vast industry experience, which allows our team to curate flexible and adaptable solutions for property investors. The approval process for the loan is minimal, with clients getting loans approved within 24 hours.

As hard money lenders, we understand the challenges of finding reliable lenders with no hidden fees or no non-sense business. We are your trusted fix & flip loans provider offering quick approvals and funding so you can get on your project without any hassle.

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We are a leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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Our fix & flip loans will cover 100% of the flipping cost for fixer-upper projects in Elizabeth, NJ.

You will get funds within three to four days after the approval of your fix & flip loan.

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Leverage the booming real estate market of Elizabeth by securing a quick fix & flip loan for your project. Fill out the application to get approval within 24 hours, or call us if you have any queries.