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Kickstart Your Property Flipping Project with A Fix and Flip LoaninFayette, KY

Fix and flip projects are often unique and rather challenging. As the project goes on, many new and unprecedented requirements arise, and you need finances to keep the show running. As reliable hard money lenders in Fayette, we can help you kickstart your project and ensure it runs smoothly until your transformed property is on the market.

Our short-term loans are flexible and designed to cover all expenses, including the initial property purchase costs as well as the material and labor costs required to complete the project’s rehabilitation efforts.

Bring our team on board to make your fix and flip project a definite success!

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To help our clients, we have a simple online process requiring you to fill out a form at your convenience and send over some required documents. Once we receive and review your application, we’ll get back to you with loan approval within 24 hours.

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A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company funds all real estate projects, including new constructions, fix and flip projects, and residential rentals. You can check out our just-funded projects for better insight.

If you’ve found a property that you’d like to flip but aren’t sure if it’s a profitable flip, consider using our online fix and flip calculator. It will help you see if your chosen property is worth flipping.

We have different requirements based on your project type and experience, but in general, we may ask you for your financial statement, real estate portfolio, rehab experience, and credit authorization.