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Fix And Flip A Property in Kentucky

Many investors automatically gravitate toward new constructions, but we suggest flipping properties instead if you’re hoping to make profits sooner. Kentucky, in particular, is an excellent market for a fix-and-flip project. With its favorable economic conditions, you can keep the repair costs low while ensuring you transform a property that suits Kentucky’s residents’ southern tastes.

To help you out, Insula Capital Group offers its fix and flip loans with flexible terms and excellent features, including no prepayment penalties and other perks that help speed up the project’s progress!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Insula Capital Group, we offer several different loan programs, including new construction loans specifically designed to cover the costs associated with new construction. So, no, using fix and flip loans for new constructions isn’t something we’d recommend.

If you already have your eye on a property you’d like to flip, you can use our fix-and-flip calculator to determine if it’s worth flipping. Once you have a clear answer, you can use our online forms to contact us!

Our fix and flip loans are available for clients across Kentucky, but so far, we’ve worked with clients in Fayette, Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, and Covington. If you’d like a fix-and-flip loan in a city not listed here, feel free to reach out and discuss it with our team.

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