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Our teams of private money lenders have 30 years of combined experience in the real estate industry and are committed to providing customized loan solutions that cater to our client’s needs. Over the years, we’ve explored various avenues for investment opportunities to ensure our clients get the most out of their investments. We have seen every type of real estate scenario and understand the intricacies of financing transactions for unique deals.

With our fast turnaround time and streamlined processes, we can provide real estate investors in Rio Rancho with quick access to financing that allows them to take advantage of the numerous investment opportunities available in the area.

Our loan program includes fix & flip loansresidential rental loans, multifamily mixed-use loans, and new construction loans. We are willing to work with real estate investors of all levels of experience and can provide fast and reliable financing options tailored to their unique needs.

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We are a leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

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Multifamily/Mixed Use

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Fix & Flip Financing

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New Construction

Hard Money Loan

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Residential Rental Program (Buy & Hold)

Private Lending Done Right.

A leading nationwide private lender & real estate investment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a hard money loan is simple and fast. Unlike traditional lenders, hard money lenders like Insula Capital Group focus more on the value and potential of the property than on credit scores or income.

The initial loan term is typically 12 months, but it can be extended according to each borrower’s needs.

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