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Aerial View of a Town with Multiple Lots with Houses Built on them with Paved Driveways and Different Yards

Early Signs of a Premium Neighborhood

Real estate is all about knowing in advance when a locale’s about to get super-hot in the foreseeable future. The more predictions you get right, the higher your return on investment.

To secure a hard money loan on the right property, pick up on the following signs.

Ongoing Development Projects

Listen for the soothing sounds coming from a construction site because a soon-to-be upscale neighborhood is bound to have at least one ongoing development project within its premises.

If you hear anything, do some sleuthing into the authority behind the project. Invest only if they belong to a well-known industry because those are usually the ones that bring in economic stability, draw interest, and become lucrative markets.

Plans for a Transportation System

Amenities like bus stops, rail stations, and subways actually factor into the market value of properties. So, look out for any districts with a budget set out for commuter systems. Since these areas are being opened up to a larger population, they’re bound to cause ripples in the future.

An Empty, Snaking Railway Track Framed bytheWoods

An Influx of Giant Retailers

Stableretailers like Wal-Mart or Costco don’t announce plans to open in “retail deserts” before doing their homework. Their advisors demand a hefty sum to assess potential before giving their clients the go-ahead to sign the dotted line.

These businesses are well aware that if an area has long-term potential, opening shop there will change it to imminent potential. Therefore, a real estate investor must keep an ear out for such regions and be ready to pounce when the news is but a murmur.

Proximity to a College

Just because an administrative authority has plans to establish a transportation system, it doesn’t guarantee a better market. An investor must also check for major employment hubs and schools in the area. If plans to provide access to and from a neighborhood to such locations are indeed underway, students and employees would consider leasing property there in the coming years.

If the United States occupying five spots in the top ten most expensive student towns in the world is any indication, weekly rents are expected to go up even in the bordering neighborhoods as long as there’s a straightforward commute.

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